Over the past few years I have been asking myself"How do I want to Feel?"  I ask myself if I am feeling the way I want to in my relationships, with my children, in my church, in my business, in my spirituality, in my finances,  in everything I am involved in?  As I started to really connect with myself and asking this question I started to realize I needed to let go of some things I was involved in.  Letting go of some relationships, I even had to let go of my trainer because it wasn't serving me the way I wanted to feel each day which is allowing more space for new ideas, new adventures, new travels, new friends, new opportunities and to feel a closer connections with those who are the closest to me. 

I feel as I have always been spiritually connected in many ways and connected to my higher self and each day I am understanding this connections a little more!  I have been on this journey for a long time and I understand this is why I am here at this time.  Stepping into my life's mission and breaking the cycle of all of the should of's, could of's and would of's that I have learned in this life.  I am stepping into my purpose!  As long as I am being honest here each day is a new day and journey for me and some day's I am ON and some day's not so much!  I am not here to be perfect just here shinning light on others and to share what I have learned and if something touches someone and helps them in one simple way than my work is moving forward.

I am so excited, scared, and humbled to start on this new journey and share with youmy thoughts, feelings, and love of this life with each one of you!  I hope you will find your light in this life because we ALL have something to share here! 

Much Love - Christine - XOXO

CDF - Light, Brave and Flow